Perforated Brass Sheet

Stunning decorative appearance with added strength and rigidity

Perforated Brass Sheet

Perforated Brass Sheet Used for Decorative Purposes

Compared to copper, brass is alloy material, using zinc as the main additive element. This increases strength and hardness, and at the same time has excellent corrosion resistance. This is why brass perforated sheets are also a good choice for building decoration materials.

The warm and beautiful colors and noble appearance make it a highly sought-after architectural element for both interior design and exterior decoration.

The brass perforated sheets we offer are also easily manufactured with various patterns of openings, sizes and thicknesses, etc. Customization is available to add an element of depth to any structure.

Characteristics of Perforated Brass Panels

Even though brass and copper look similar, they essentially have their own characteristics.

  • Golden appearance is very aesthetic can create impressive visual effects
  • Enhanced hardness, strength and wear resistance compared to copper
  • Also has excellent ductility, easy to mold and process
  • Corrosion resistance that is ahead of most materials
  • Provide a stronger building structure or element, but not as a load-bearing material
  • It is also environmentally friendly and recyclable

Perforated Brass Sheet Applications

Both copper materials have the same application purpose – decoration, and we recommend that you focus on their appearance, cost and application conditions when choosing them.

  • Interior or exterior decorative use.
  • Decorative elements on the building structure.
  • Can be used for ceilings, stair railing panels, building facades, louvers and ventilation, sunshades, partition walls, merchandise shelves, curtain walls, etc.
  • EMI and RFI shielding can also be provided for sensitive electronic equipment.

Perforated Metal Custom Manufacturing Supplier

As a leading supplier in China, we can provide perforated metal products that meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries. With a wide range of advanced and versatile production facilities, our factory can provide customized perforated metal solutions for all your specialized applications.

Our punching machines can produce perforated plates up to 1.5m wide(any length) and support hole diameters up to 80mm (more than 80mm will be used with laser equipment).

In addition, if you need perforated panels cut to specific sizes and shapes, welded or bent into strange styles, we also have the equipment and capabilities to help you.

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