Perforated Metal Applications

Perforated metal has a wide range of uses, whether in industry, construction or everyday life.

Learn About the Application of Perforated Metal

Perforated metal offers a variety of functions and uses efficiently and cost-effectively. From large architectural applications, acoustical applications and outdoor uses, to small industrial uses, machine and equipment parts and filter elements, to name a few. Through customization of different materials, hole types, hole sizes, shapes and specifications, perforated metal can be used in almost every industry.

Find a perforation application that is relevant to your project needs and discuss with us how to implement it.

Facades and Cladding Panels

Facades and Cladding Panels

The use of perforated metal as an architectural façade and cladding provides functional and decorative effects.

Perforated Metal Ceiling Being Installed

Perforated Metal Ceiling Tiles

A more modern and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ceiling tiles and with ventilation and noise reduction features.

Black Round Hole Perforated Metal Stair Treads

Perforated Metal Stair Treads

High load-bearing capacity and non-slip properties ensure the safety of the stair treads.

Black Round Hole Perforated Metal Fence

Perforated Metal Fence Panels

Unique exterior design, sturdy and maintenance-free fencing options.

Perforated Metal Screen Panels

Perforated Metal Screen Panels

Perforated metal screen panels perform different functions and design features in architecture.

Perforated Metal Wall Panel

Perforated Metal Wall Panels

Perforated metal panels can also be used as interior walls or wall backdrops, with a layered look or backlit effect providing unique ideas for wall design.

Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels

Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels

Corrugated perforated panels create a more hazy and ambiguous translucent atmosphere, and their softened interface contours blend more easily into the environment.

Perforated Metal Speaker Grill

Perforated Metal Speaker Grills

Acoustics, aesthetics and durability allow perforated metal to be used as speaker grilles

Different Types of Perforated Metal Filter Tubes

Perforated Metal Filters

A perforated metal filter is the filter component made by the perforation of the metal mesh. A variety of holes can be punched like square, round, hexagonal, etc. The holes are then aligned by a specific pattern with a certain angle and pitch.

Perforated Metal Cabinet Door Inserts

Perforated Metal Cabinet Door Inserts

Perforated metal cabinet door inserts are the most decorative and functional material option.

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