Perforated Metal Hole Types and Patterns

From Simple Hole Types to Complex Pattern Designs

Choosing the Right Perforated Metal Hole Type or Pattern

The material affects the performance, durability and other factors of the perforated product. Then the style of the holes determines the functionality and decorative nature of perforated metal panels, such as ventilation, light transmission, sound absorption and aesthetics, etc.
With our advanced production facilities and years of customization experience, we can provide you with a wide range of the most common and cost-effective hole shapes or complex hole patterns with excellent decorative effects.

Round Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Round Hole Perforated Sheet

Most widely used hole type. Flexible, versatile and easy to manufacture, round holes are the most popular and frequently chosen option.

Square Hole Perforated Metal Sheet BG

Square Hole Perforated Sheet

Can provide a larger open area, excellent strength to weight ratio. Alternative to round holes in many applications.

Straight Slotted Hole

Slotted Hole Perforated Sheet

The slotted holes look like ovals or rectangles with R corners and are designed for the passage of material and airflow. Has the reliability and robustness of metal. A flexible hole type that can be made into a wide range of unique patterns.

Hexagonal Hole

Hexagonal Hole Perforated Sheet

The hexagonal hole type has a higher proportion of open space and the flow of air and light is minimally restricted. Ideally suited to many architectural applications.

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