Square Hole Perforated Sheet Metal

Larger opening area, lighter weight, more visually attractive

Square Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Square Hole Perforated Metal

The manufacturing process of square hole pattern and round hole perforated metal is actually the same, but their molds are different.

Square hole perforated metal has a higher percentage of open area than the circular hole pattern and uses a linear design. This provides a more attractive appearance and allows more air, light and sound to pass through.

Therefore, it is often used as a substitute for round hole perforation patterns and provides many important advantages for specific industries and applications.

We can also supply square perforated metal sheets in various materials, hole sizes and specifications in staggered or straight row patterns.

Square Hole Options

Hole Size: 0.2″ – 0.75″
Hole Centres: 0.5″ – 1″
Hole Pattern: Straight rows, staggered and arbitrary patterns
Sheet Width: 36″ – 48″
Sheet Length: 24″ – 120″
Thickness: 11 gauge – 22 gauge
Open Area: 11% – 56%
Margin Types: Safe margins or no-margins

Benefits of Square Hole Perforated Metal

The different hole shapes create a different overall appearance of the sheet metal.


The role of the square hole pattern is to replace the round hole pattern to create a different appearance. Whether it is used in architectural or decorative applications, this is a key consideration when the aesthetics of the product is of the utmost importance.

Larger Opening Area

The larger opening area is conducive to the passage of air, light and sound, so you can often see the application of square hole perforated metal in the vent and speaker grille.

High Quality Materials

As with round perforated metal sheets, we can offer the best materials for square perforated sheets, including:

  • Steel (mild or carbon steel, no painted, galvanized or powder coated).
  • Stainless steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Copper & Brass.
  • Custom materials are also available.

Square Hole Pattern Style

Square hole perforation patterns are also available in three arrangements to meet your different application needs and appearance requirements. They are straight holes, staggered holes and diamond-shaped holes. The most common and widely used type is the straight hole.

Straight Type
Straight Type
Staggered Type
Staggered Type
Diagonal Type
Diagonal Type
Square Perforated Pattern
Square Perforated Pattern
Decorative Square Hole Pattern
Decorative Square Hole Pattern

Perforated Metal Custom Manufacturing Supplier

As a leading supplier in China, we can provide perforated metal products that meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries. With a wide range of advanced and versatile production facilities, our factory can provide customized perforated metal solutions for all your specialized applications.

Our punching machines can produce perforated plates up to 1.5m wide(any length) and support hole diameters up to 80mm (more than 80mm will be used with laser equipment).

In addition, if you need perforated panels cut to specific sizes and shapes, welded or bent into strange styles, we also have the equipment and capabilities to help you.

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