Perforated Metal Screen Panels

Perforated metal screen panels perform different functions and design features in architecture

Perforated Metal Screen Panels

Decorative and Functional Perforated Metal Screen Panels for Architecture

Perforated metal screens in most architectural applications provide different functions and diverse appearances. From the most intuitive decoration to hidden effects, perforated screens are the best material choice for many common functions of buildings.

At Dongfu, we draw on our experience in metal piercing, custom fabrication, welding, forming and finishing. We can provide you with perforated screens that meet your specifications and corresponding needs to complete your corresponding architectural projects.

What Are the Functions of Perforated Screens?

Although sometimes you won’t notice its presence, perforated metal screens do change the state of the space you are in.

  • Space division
  • Room dividers
  • Blocking clutter or unsightly areas
  • Shade or diminish strong sunlight
  • Shield areas you don’t want people to see for privacy
  • Allowing light to enter the room and air to flow
  • Act as a wall backdrop for interior decoration
  • Suppress or dampen noise
  • Add or complement the structural integrity of the building
  • Provide some security protection

Corresponding Applications

  • Decorative Perforated Metal Screens
  • Perforated Metal Wall Screen Sections
  • Perforated Metal Screen Doors
  • Perforated Metal Window Screens
  • Perforated Metal Screen Facades
  • Perforated Metal Rainscreen Systems
  • Perforated Metal Screen Partition Panels
  • Perforated Metal Screen Privacy Panels

Customize Perforated Metal Screens

As with most perforated products, we offer the fullest range of customization options for the perforated metal screens you need. If performance and durability are important to you, we have material options ranging from aluminum and copper to stainless steel and galvanized steel. If functionality is required, we can provide you with custom perforated screens in terms of opening area, size and thickness. Finally, appearance can be determined by the patterns and finish colors printed on the panels, and the combinations of them are virtually endless.

Some Application Cases

Creatively Designed Perforated Metal Facade with Round Holes
Perforated Metal Screen Facade
Perforated Metal Window Screen
Perforated Metal Window Screen
Perforated Metal Screen Privacy Panel
Perforated Metal Screen Privacy Panel
Perforated Metal Fence for Restaurant Partitions
Perforated Metal Fence for Restaurant Partitions
Perforated Metal Wall Screen
Perforated Metal Wall Screen
Increase the Aesthetics of the Building Structure
Increase the Aesthetics of the Building Structure

Perforated Metal Custom Manufacturing Supplier

As a leading supplier in China, we can provide perforated metal products that meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries. With a wide range of advanced and versatile production facilities, our factory can provide customized perforated metal solutions for all your specialized applications.

Our punching machines can produce perforated plates up to 1.5m wide(any length) and support hole diameters up to 80mm (more than 80mm will be used with laser equipment).

In addition, if you need perforated panels cut to specific sizes and shapes, welded or bent into strange styles, we also have the equipment and capabilities to help you.

Request a Wholesale Quote

Interested in learning more about our perforated sheet metal fabrication capabilities and services? Contact our team of experts.

You can upload your drawings or specifications. Describe your requirements in as much detail as possible and our custom fabrication team will give you the clearest possible quote.

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