Our Perforated Metal Equipment

Advanced, efficient, high-precision, complete perforated metal manufacturing and sheet metal processing equipment. 

Perforation Equipment

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser perforating machine mainly provides the production of complex pattern design, which acts like a pen to draw and engrave on the metal plate.

Use drawing software (such as CAD) to design the pattern or picture you want, and then import the program to the laser perforator can be output to the metal plate.

The decorative perforated metal sheets with complex pattern openings you see on our website are usually manufactured by this machine. Whether it’s a custom specification or a complex design, the laser perforation machine can easily meet your heart’s desire.

Additionally, our laser machines can also be used to cut metal sheets into circles, sectors, strips, squares or various irregular shapes, etc.

Turret Punchig Machine

Complex pattern design and picture output need to be done by laser perforating machine, then simple graphics and irregular shape patterns can be handed over to turret perforating machine.

For example Big+Small Round Holes Pattern, Checkerboard Pattern, Bubble Pattern, etc.

In addition, the turret punching machine has higher precision than the general machine and can provide more standard specifications. Our turret punching machines accept any custom pattern and hole shape, even if you have a small amount of needs.

Multifunction Punching Machine

A commonly used punching machine, it can also make simple graphics, but the precision is not as good as a turret punching machine. It has a bending function, which can handle the production with bending needs more efficiently.

Perforating Equipment for Rolls

A set of equipment that can make metal rolls into perforated metal rolls.

Processing Equipment

Bending Machine

Equipment for bending metal sheets. The bending of perforated metal sheets can create finished products and visual effects for different purposes. For example, perforated metal stair treads, perforated metal trays and perforated metal facades with a layered look, all use the bending process.

Bending Machine

Shearing Machine

For cutting metal sheets into different required shapes and sizes.

Forming Machine

The machine can process perforated metal sheets into corrugated shapes.

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