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Perforated Metal Materials

Almost Any Material Can be Perforated

Perforated Metal Hole Types​

From Simple Hole Types to Complex Pattern Designs

What is Perforated Metal Sheet?

Perforated metal sheets can also be called perforated metal panels, perforated metal mesh, or perforated metal plates. It is a sheet metal product made by a punching machine that passes the punching head through the sheet metal by pressure. After further processing by cutting, bending and welding machines, more functional perforated products can be produced.
Perforated metal sheets are a versatile and multifunctional product that can be given a variety of ideas. It can be customized flexibly according to the purpose and needs of use. The choice of thin or thick plates can enhance the performance requirements. A wide range of colours and perforation patterns are available to provide a decorative appearance. A variety of hole sizes, shapes and configurations also allow perforated metal to provide filtering of solids, diffused light, air and sound.

One-stop Perforated Metal Solution Provider from China

Manufacturer of custom perforated metal sheets or coils from China, a wide variety of material options include aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper. Hole types support round holes, square holes, slotted holes, hexagonal holes and some complex designs with patterns/text. Hole sizes and opening ratios can be customized upon request, and a variety of color and style finish options (powder coating, fluorocarbon coating and anodizing) are available.

We also offer customized processing services to create different perforated metal sheets for your special needs: shearing, forming, laser cutting, bending, welding, etc. Dongfu Perforating is your one-stop perforated metal solution provider. With years of industry experience and overseas export experience, we can provide reliable and comprehensive solutions for each of our customers’ projects.

With we have proven manufacturing processes, advanced production equipment, and professional technicians, we can customize and manufacture any type of perforated metal products to your exact requirements and deliver them on time. Whether for architectural applications, industrial applications, or the development of local businesses of any size or scope, we will invest in your success and become your most trusted partner of industrial perforated metal.

Multiple Hole Types

Not Able to Meet Your Needs?

We offer the most comprehensive range of customization options. We are right here, contact us now for a quote!

Provide 100% Support for Your Project

A Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

We are located in Anping County, China, which is the largest and most concentrated industrial belt of industrial wire mesh metal products in China. There are many metal product manufacturing and processing factories here, and we are one of the largest integrated suppliers. To ensure our stable supply capacity and solve more customers’ special product needs. We not only have our factories and inventories but also have long-term cooperative relationships with many mature and established wire mesh companies in Anping.
Our customer-centric business approach has won us the trust of many customers. We provide the following strong support for any of your perforated metal projects

100+ Holes & Specifications

We have more than 100 kinds of hole patterns and 1000 kinds of specifications design and manufacturing experience. Regardless of regular or special needs, our team will give you the most suitable solution.

Metal Fabrication Capability

Not only perforation, we also have more machine equipment with different functions to strengthen our processing and manufacturing capabilities. Such as bending, cutting, welding, forming and finishing, etc.

Delivery and After Sales

We have long-term cooperation with many large domestic logistics companies. Prompt delivery can be guaranteed for sea, air, or express samples. And we will be responsible for any disputes and problems that occur after shipment. We assure you that once our service starts, we will be responsible to the end.

Support Free Sample

Whether you are first-time cooperation or a regular customer, all our products support free samples for your quality inspection. We are based on honesty, and it is very worthwhile for us to exchange a little cost for the trust of our customers.

Competitive Price

We are a Chinese factory with abundant resources of high quality raw materials. And China is a big trading country, importers from all over the world often buy from us to make money. We offer our customers the opportunity to explore new markets at competitive prices.

Reliable Quality and Supply

With the use of high quality raw materials and strict inspection standards, we can definitely provide products that meet the quality requirements of our customers. And our supply capacity is also stable.

More Question You May Have

What customization options can you offer?

For more designs to meet your needs, contact our professional team.

  • Metal Material
  • Hole Type
  • Hole Size
  • Simple to complex patterns
  • Thickness/shape of perforated plate
  • Galvanized / Powder Coated
  • Unlimited Colors

Yes, we can provide you with any customized samples. The sample is free, but you need to pay for shipping. Check out our sample policy.

Yes, we have our own factory and production facilities. Please visit here for details.
We also welcome you to visit our factory anytime.

For customized perforated metal sheets, our minimum order quantity is usually 50㎡.

You can contact our sales team with your requirements. And to save time and get an accurate quote quickly, we would like you to provide the following information.

  • Your specific needs (refer to customization options).
  • Your specific application.
  • The approximate quantity you need.
  • Where you wish to have the goods shipped to.

We usually ship to Tianjin port in China and then ship to your country. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can also ship to the location you specify.

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