Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels and Screen

Create a unique visual effect for the interior or exterior structure of a building

Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels

Architectural Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels

Corrugated perforated metal panel is a design choice to obtain a more attractive appearance in architectural applications. It is manufactured by forming machines – ordinary flat perforated panels are processed into corrugated panels by forming machines. In addition to the attractive appearance, we offer corrugated perforated panels with improved strength and superior noise control.

Dongfu manufactures corrugated perforated panels for you from a variety of metal profiles, hole patterns and finishes. We also provide structural design, installation support, customization of open areas and rolling styles. A full range of support for any building interior and exterior construction and renovation project.

How are corrugated perforated panels made?

To make corrugated perforated panels, the first step is to make flat-type perforated panels. Any material can be used, such as plain steel, aluminum, stainless steel and copper, and the finish can also be powder coated, fluorocarbon painted or galvanized. The fabricated flat perforated panels are then further bent or curved to make a corrugated decorative style panel. The patterns and styles of corrugated perforated panels are also virtually unlimited.

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The flat type perforated plate is put into the forming machine and can be processed into a corrugated plate. Then by adjusting the size of the mold, spacing and other parameters can produce a variety of corrugated styles.

Advantages in Architectural Applications


Eye-catching visual effects are the primary reason many architects and designers choose corrugated perforated metal panels. Exterior corrugated cladding will provide a sleek, open aesthetic and increase design flexibility.

Naturally Light Weight and High Strength

The undulating corrugations invisibly increase the thickness of the vertical structure, so the strength is greatly improved.

Better Noise Optimization

The three-dimensional appearance of the structure changes the trajectory of airflow, so it likewise changes the ability to transmit sound.

Corrugation Types

Not only corrugated but perforated metal panels can also be made into these two curved styles: bending and convex.

Bending Type

Convex Type

Corrugated Type

Customize Corrugated Perforated Metal Panels

Depending on your design needs, we can provide a variety of options for corrugation patterns, including curvature, spacing, thickness, etc.

Some Project Cases

Perforated Metal Custom Manufacturing Supplier

As a leading supplier in China, we can provide perforated metal products that meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries. With a wide range of advanced and versatile production facilities, our factory can provide customized perforated metal solutions for all your specialized applications.

Our punching machines can produce perforated plates up to 1.5m wide(any length) and support hole diameters up to 80mm (more than 80mm will be used with laser equipment).

In addition, if you need perforated panels cut to specific sizes and shapes, welded or bent into strange styles, we also have the equipment and capabilities to help you.

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